About Supremus Group LLC

The name, Supremus, is a Latin word, meaning Supreme. Our name emphasizes our expertise in all the areas where we provide services.

Supremus Group is focused on the Compliance training, consulting and Business process outsourcing services. Our aim is to offer practical, customized and affordable solutions for compliance.

The focus of our website is on helping healthcare organizations meet compliance, in a timely and cost effective manner by offering a broad portfolio of products and services to help with HIPAA Compliance. We provide HIPAA compliance kits, manuals, training, templates and compliance consulting services to help make your compliance efforts successful, self-sufficient and cost-effective

We assist healthcare, health plans, employers, business associates and alternative medicine providers with their HIPAA compliance efforts. Large or small, one of our options will fit your HIPAA compliance needs and budget. If you are a covered entity or a business associate, we can give you direction, support, and products to get you compliant, fast. We specialize in offering comprehensive, blended and flexible training options for payer, payee and business associates.

Our consulting services offer a full range of services customized to fit client needs. We offer help in the areas of:

  • HIPAA Product Evaluation
  • HIPAA Security Risk Analysis
  • Privacy and Security Policies
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Contingency Planning
  • HIPAA Security Audit

We also provide templates for organizations who want to “jump-start” their efforts and complete the compliance without the help of any consultants. Our templates are one of the most comprehensive templates available in the industry and it allows the user to save a lot of time and money. The staffing services provide consultants to help you with HIPAA Compliance Project management, Risk Analysis, Contingency Planning and HIPAA Audit.

We have more than 3000 clients throughout USA, Canada and many business associates based out of Europe, India, Philippines, China, Mexico, Columbia and many other countries. We will show you how to accomplish HIPAA compliance without spending a fortune, and we provide ongoing support to keep you HIPAA compliant.

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